Competition Fierce For The 2014 Heath Ledger Scholarship

With Tim Pocock and Alex Williams in the running, we are going to have a very hard time picking our favourite from the 2014 Heath Ledger Scholarship finalists this year!

Marquee Actors & Creatives In The Press: Vol 102

Hi Folks, in case you haven’t noticed (and you probably haven’t so we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by pointing it out), BUT we were so busy launching our BRAND NEW, VERY SCHMICK website we missed our fortnightly edition of ‘Marquee In The Press’. So, to make up for it, we have pulled […]

Actors React To Gillard Ousting

Marquee actors, amongst most of the Australian population who are active on social media channels, hit to twitter last night and this morning to comment on the Gillard ousting. It doesn’t get more appropriate this ThrowOut Thursday to say goodbye to Gillard and hello to our ‘new’ but ‘old’ Kevin Rudd, our PM once again. […]

Eric Stonestreet’s Vine Post Gets The ‘Belieber Retweet Treatment’

You heard it! Eric Stonestreet’s Vine Post got the ‘Belieber Retweet Treatment’ when, after spotting Justin at an Ice Hockey game, the Modern Family star created a Vine featuring The Beiber himself. Soon after Eric posted his Vine, Justin retweeted it causing the post to hit headlines all over the world. So far, on Justin’s […]

Hit Show Prediction Is Camp

Our hit show prediction is CAMP this Trailer Tuesday, the US NBC summer series airing on July 10th. Aside from the fact that the series is filled with some great Australian cast including Rachel Griffiths, Rodger Corser and (our very own) Tim Pocock; the trailer is so funny, we are banking on this being the […]

Tim Pocock’s Biceps

We have chosen Tim Pocock’s biceps as the winner of Fierce Friday today because….well, as you can tell in the below pictures taken from Tim’s intsagram & Twitter accounts, they are a pair to be reckoned with. At any rate, we won’t take up anymore of your time and leave you to peruse through these […]

Tim Pocock Camps Out On Forbidden Ground

  Camp actor Tim Pocock is going from strength to strength, which is why his new film Forbidden Ground is featuring in our ‘Trailer Tuesday’ this week. We see many films in our line of work, but we have to admit the preview screening of this movie has got us pretty damn excited! A self-financed […]

Tim Pocock cast in NBC’s CAMP

Tim Pocock (Wolverine) has been cast alongside Rachel Griffiths in NBC‘s Camp, a 10-episode summer series. In the tradition of Meatballs and Dazed And Confused, Little Hawk Family Camp is a wicked slice of lake-side heaven. Tim plays the camp’s counselor Robbie, an overachiever who was recently accepted into Stanford law school. Source:

MANUSCRIPT Magazine – class of 2013!

Two young (and dare we say, very good looking!) actors Louis Hunter and Tim Pocock are on the cover of MANUSCRIPT Magazine this month! It’s a great feature article about Australia’s emerging male actors.