A first look at Channel 7’s “Molly”

Channel 7 has just released a trailer for their upcoming two part mini series ‘Molly’, with Marquee’s James Sweeny appearing as ‘Grant Rule’, Hannah Fredericksen as ‘Olivia Newton John’ and Bart Welch in a supporting role!     ‘Molly’ is based on Molly Meldrum’s biography ‘The Never, Um … Ever Ending Story’, which was written […]

James Sweeny debuts ‘The Pitch’ at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

James Sweeny has mixed his vocal skills and love for stand up comedy with Michael Abercomby in a two-man comedy show called ‘The Pitch’ which they have written for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.     Hot off the back of James filming Channel Seven’s mini series ‘Molly’, you can next seem see James in ‘The Pitch’ at […]

James Sweeny opens As You Like It in Perth

Recent WAAPA graduate, James Sweeny, will be on stage under the direction of  theatre & opera veteran Rodger Hodgman in Black Swan State Theatre Company’s production of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’. (WOW – got that all in in one sentence!) If you haven’t already seen this comedy onstage, it is highly recommended. As Travis Johnson writes in Xpress […]

2013 Grads: James Sweeny from WAAPA

Marquee Graduate series #3: where we throw our signature Marquee ‘essential character test questions’ at our new grads to give you a glimpse into their colourful personalities. (see also ABOUT US) Next up is the captivating James Sweeny whose ability to tackle a classic in his final year of acting school blew us all away. Intelligent, […]